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I am a legal officiant in Pennsylvania as  the retired mayor of Jefferson Borough, York County. 

(717) 880-4524

About Me

It's your marriage.

Make it special.

I've officiated over 3000 weddings. This was number 3000.

I provide several types of marriages.

All of my marriage scripts are customizable by you.

I love to create families.

Let me help you create yours.

My wedding options

Typical Romantic Marriage Ceremony


This is an English language ceremony that allows you to chose the words of endearment you wish to express during this special moment in your lives.

Spanish Language Ceremony


The Spanish Language ceremony is popular. I don't speak Spanish but provide an English translation while someone reads the Spanish.

Same-sex Ceremony


This is a highly sophisticated and customizable ceremony.

We can discuss specifics.

Unity Candle Ceremony


The bride and groom, together light the candle of unity to symbolize the flame of their individual selves joining to ignite the partnership of marriage.

The Sand Ceremony


Two bottles of sand representing your separate lives are poured into a single container symbolizing being joined together.

Vow Renewals


Let me help you relive those wonderful days surrounding your first wedding. Together we can make it another very special event in your lives.

See the ceremonies here:

And add the Rose Ceremony as part of your vows. 


Contact Me

By appointment only

Give me a phone call so we can discuss exactly what you want.

(717) 880-4524

I officiate only in the south-central Pennsylvania area

In general this means the counties of York, Adams, Lancaster, Cumberland and Daulphin.

I also perform vow renewals.

The Marrying Mayor

(717) 880-4524

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